Interview with Light Grey Art Lab

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I’ve had the pleasure of being interviewed by the good folks at Light Grey Art Lab! You can read the interview on the gallery’s blog : interview

Make sure to check out their latest exhibit, Skate or Die while you’re there. It’s 60 hand-made skateboards made by incredibly talented people and they’re up for sale!!


The Banner Saga – Rook

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I quickly painted a portrait of Rook from the gorgeous Banner Saga video game. Cheers!

Dream Arcade Splash Screen

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Cover Image

My completed splash screen for Light Grey Art Lab’s Dream Arcade show, my level is a 1940’s noire murder mystery story featuring an intrepid detective!

See what it’s all about and try demos here!

LGAL – Dream Arcade

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dreamArcadeWebDream Arcade
Pixel Art + Platformer Show
Opening September 12 • 7 – 10pm

Here’s a sneak peak of my level! I am part of the upcoming show Dream Arcade at Light Grey Art Lab, I’ve just finished my assets and sent them in.  The full game comprising of 30 levels made by talented folks will be available to play in mid-september! Keep your eyes peeled for this!

Monthly Challenge – Games Fanart

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Sketch rapide dans le cadre du monthly challenge au travail, j’ai fait Elizabeth de Bioshock Infinite.

LGAL Animystics – Patron Saint of Adventurers

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render4smallYou can buy prints here, and it’s for a good cause!

My piece for Light Grey Art Lab’s Animystics benefit show! The colors and pattern on the magpie are really interesting and it’s quite amazing that a bird would pick up and collect shiny items. I thought it would be fun to let the story play differently where the magpie is stealing not just for it’s own collection but rather to help people in need. It is believed to be one of the most intelligent of all animals, being one of the few to pass the mirror test, it would make sense to have one as a sort of sidekick creature!

Some backstory on the illustration: The Magpie has occult knowledge, can appear in more than one place at once to warn adventurers of danger ahead. It is also known to take items from people who won’t notice they’re missing in order to fill secret stashes of helpful things in numerous locations to help friends. By being aware of special markings on tree bark, an adventurer in need can climb to access secret spots where the magpie leaves potions or valuables that can be traded off for food and other supplies. All the Magpie asks for in return is that they give something back in one of their nest as a token of gratitude when their situation gets better. Ungrateful looters can be swarmed and chased later on by groups of magpies, as they remember faces and voices.


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I am taking part of the show Animystics at Light Grey Art Lab this month! The gallery is run by a group of very talented artists, they have had some amazing shows in the past so I’m really excited about being part of this. My friend Marianne Vincent is also in it and we’ve just shipped our illustrations to the gallery. There will be an interactive quizz on the gallery’s website soon featuring many of the pieces so check it out!

Light Grey Art Lab Announcement

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